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How To Make Oriental Rugs

Have you ever wondered how Oriental rugs are made?

The basic process of making an Oriental rug has been the same for at least 2,500 years!
See the webpage of the oldest know Oriental rug, the Pazyryk Carpet at the Hermitage Museum.    Scholars and experts agree that the process of making pile rugs is probably even older, but there are no surviving rugs to prove it.

Our slideshow will walk you through how real, hand-knotted Oriental rugs are made. Making true Oriental rugs, like ours, is a long, difficult and expensive process. It requires great expertise and artistic sensitivity at every point. We hope you enjoy this look into how it's done!
By the way, I, Richard, took all of these pictures myself.

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Dipping the Wool
Dyer prepares the wool that will be used in making our Oriental rugs
Making Oriental Rugs: Dyeing the Wool
Checking the wool during dyeing
Natural Dye Raw Materials
Raw materials for the natural dyes used in making our Oriental rugs
Making Oriental Rugs: Wool Drying
Wool hanging to dry
Making Oriental Rugs: Hand-spun Wool Drying
Hanging to dry in the sun
All the Colors
A selection of 15 colors
Coiling the Wool
Weavers coil the wool
Making Oriental Rugs: Drawing the Cartoon
Artist draws an Oriental rug cartoon
Artists Working
Working with the cartoons
Making Oriental Rugs: Rug Cartoons
Checking the final cartoon
The Wool Room
Weighing wool in the wool room
Making Oriental Rugs: Choosing the Wool
Rug artist/weaver chooses the colors
Making Oriental Rugs: Loading the Wool
Balls of wool for the pile are loaded on the loom
Making Oriental Rugs: Weaving Begins
Weavers begin to make the rug
Loom Close-Up
Close-up of warp and pile
Weaving Room
Master Weaver working
Making Oriental Rugs: Tying Off a Knot
Weaver finishes a knot
Massive Loom
Many weavers at a large loom
Finished for the Day
Weaving finished for the day
Making Oriental Rugs: Looms
Room with many looms
Making Oriental Rugs: Blocking & Stretching
Oriental rugs being blocked after washing
Stretching in the Sun
Oriental rugs stretching and drying in the Sun
Ironing out Wrinkles
Remaining wrinkles are ironed out
Making Oriental Rugs: Shearing the Pile
Specialist shears the pile carefully
Securing the Fringe
Weaver secures the ends of the rug
Final Trimming
Final checking and trimming
Pile Detail of Shirvan Rug
A close-up of the pile of a Shirvan rug
Knot Detail of Shirvan Rug
A close-up showing the knotting of a Shirvan rug.
Richard on Custom Serapi Rug
Richard and weavers
on custom Serapi rug
For everyone who has ever wondered "How are Oriental Rugs Made?", we hope our slideshow is interesting and informative.

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