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Girandole Mirrors and Bullseye Mirrors

These Federal style mirrors, often called Girandole mirrors, derive their name from the candle arms, called girandoles, which were originally attached to wall mirrors to reflect light into a room. These mirrors are sometimes called Bullseye mirrors especially when convex mirror glass is used. A large girandole mirror with convex glass can reflect an entire room. Pairs of girandoles and were frequently used flanking a fireplace. Girandole mirrors were popular in both England and America in the 18th century. All our girandole mirrors can have candle arms attached.

Round Regency Mirror
Regency Style Mirror
# mirr93195
Convex Black and Gold Mirror
Black and Gold Mirror with Multiple Convex Mirrors
# mirr93210
Porthole Mirror
Convex Porthole Mirror
# mirr92419
Federal Mirror
Classic Federal Mirror in Black and Gold
# mirr93116
Federal Wall Mirror
Convex Federal Style Mirror
# mirr93026
Federal Style Girandole Mirror
Convex Girandole Mirror, Federal Style
# mirr93179-2
Convex Federal Mirror
Federal Convex Mirror
18th Century Mirror Design with Eagle
# mirr93243
Small Girandole Mirror
Small Convex Girandole Mirror
# mirr93179-5
Giltwood Girandole Mirror
Federal Style Girandole Mirror
# mirr92810
Convex Girandole Mirror
Convex Empire Style Girandole
# mirr93179-4
Bullseye Mirror
Convex Bullseye Mirror with American Eagle
# mirr98774
Girandole Bulls Eye Mirror
Giltwood Girandole Mirror
# mirr93179-3
Federal Convex Girandole Mirror
Federal Convex Girandole Mirror
# mirr93519
Girandole Mirror
Classic Gold Convex Mirror
# mirr94538
Bull's-Eye Mirror
Girandole Mirror
18th Century Design Bull's Eye Mirror
# mirr93179
Convex Regency Mirror
Convex Regency Mirror
# mirr93234
Bullseye Mirror with Eagle
Convex Federal Mirror with American Eagle
# mirr93813
Federal Convex Mirror
Adam Style Convex Federal Mirror
# mirr93041
Girandole Eagle Mirror
Convex Bullseye Girandole Mirror
# mirr97060
Federal Style Convex Mirror
Classic Federal Style Mirror with Eagle
# mirr93552
Federal Mirror with Eagle
Federal Style Convex Girandole Mirror
# mirr93835
Girandole Mirror with Eagle
Girandole Mirror with Eagle
# mirr94448
Federal Girandole Mirror
Girandole Mirror with American Eagle
# mirr94531
Girandole Sconce, Left
Mirrored Eagle Sconce, Left
# scon94059-1
Girandole Sconce, Right
Mirrored Eagle Sconce, Right
# scon94059-2
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