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Formal Wall Mirrors and Traditional Mirrors

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Federal Style Star Mirror
Black Mirror with Gold Stars
# mirr98962
Square Federal Style Mirror
Square Wall Mirror in the Federal Style
# mirr92866
French Style Gold Mirror
French Style Gold Mirror
# mirr93093
Chinoiserie Wall Mirror
Handpainted Chinoiserie Mirror
# mirr92832
Federal Wall Mirror
Convex Federal Style Mirror
# mirr93026
Oval Locket Mirror
Gold Locket Style Mirror
# mirr92881
Federal Mirror
Classic Federal Mirror in Black and Gold
# mirr93116
Mahogany Chippendale Mirror
Classic Chippendale Mahogany Mirror
# mirr98967
Traditional Queen Anne Mirror
Queen Anne Style Wall Mirror
# mirr98971
Oval French Mirror
Gold French Style Oval Mirror
# mirr93778
9/11 Eagle Mirror
9/11 Federal Eagle Mirror
# mirr911
Overmantle Mirror
18th Century Design Overmantle Mirror
# mirr93171
Formal Oval Mirror with Bellflower Frame
Elegant Gold Oval Mirror
# mirr94018
Queen Anne Style Vanity Mirror
Queen Anne Standing Vanity Mirror
# mirr93857
Engraved Mirror
Intaglio incised, antiqued glass
# mirr002
Traditional Oval Mirror
Traditional Gold Oval Mirror
# mirr93536
Neoclassical Giltwood Mirror
Black and Gold Neoclassical Mirror
# mirr93367
Reeded Giltwood Mirror
Giltwood Mirror with Reeded Decoration
# mirr93714
Formal Giltwood Mirror Black Gold
Elegant Gilt Formal Wall Mirror
# mirr93206b
Oval Mirror with Gold Crest
Elegant French Oval Mirror
# mirr93715
Queen Anne Oval Mirror
Oval Mirror with Delicate Gold Work
# mirr93226
Giltwood Girandole Mirror
Federal Style Girandole Mirror
# mirr92810
Small Girandole Mirror
Small Convex Girandole Mirror
# mirr93179-5
Convex Girandole Mirror
Convex Empire Style Girandole
# mirr93179-4
Federal Style Girandole Mirror
Convex Girandole Mirror, Federal Style
# mirr93179-2
Girandole Bulls Eye Mirror
Giltwood Girandole Mirror
# mirr93179-3
Federal Mirror with Eagle
Federal Style Convex Girandole Mirror
# mirr93835
Gilded Traditional Mirror
Traditional Gold Mirror with Shells
# mirr93821
18th Century Adam Period Design Oval Mirror
Delicate Adam Period Design Oval Mirror
# mirr93221
Empire Trumeau Mirror
Trumeau Empire Mirror
# mirr93452
Classic Gold  Wall Mirror
Gold Wall Mirror with Gold Leaves
# mirr98503
Gilt Oval Mirror
Elegant Gilt Oval Mirror
# mirr93262
Oval Ribbon Mirror
Giltwood Ribbon Framed Oval Mirror
# mirr93238
Oval Regency Mirror
Black and Gold Oval Mirror with Gilded Ribbons
# mirr98363
Traditional Mirror
Elegant Gold Traditional Mirror
# mirr93623
Classic Gilt Mirror
Black and Gold Gilt Mirror
# mirr93260
Mahogany Chippendale Mirror
Hand-carved Mahogany Mirror
# mirr93462
Oriental Chinoiserie Mirror
Black and Gold Chinoiserie Wall Mirror
# mirr94536
Chinoiserie / Chinese Style Mirror
Classic Chinese Handpainted Lacquered Mirror
# mirr95778
Hand-painted Chinoiserie Mirror
Chinoiserie Mirror Hand Painted
# mirr93551
Arched Queen Anne Mirror
Arched Top Queen Anne Mirror
# mirr93820
Ornate Gold Mirror
Ornate Gold Mirror with Curved Top
# mirr94519
18th Century Design Mirror
Classic 18th Century Formal Giltwood Mirror
# mirr94202
French Giltwood Mirror
Giltwood French Style Mirror
# mirr94037
Bull's-Eye Mirror
Girandole Mirror
18th Century Design Bull's Eye Mirror
# mirr93179
Traditional Early American Mirror
Simple American Wall Mirror
# mirr93450
Giltwood Mirror
18th Century Classic Formal Wall Mirror
# mirr93470
Gilt Oval Wall Mirror
Gilded Frame Oval Wall Mirror
# mirr92987
Hand-carved Chippendale Mirror
Chippendale Mirror with Shell
# mirr001
Girandole Mirror with Eagle
Girandole Mirror with Eagle
# mirr94448
Adam Design Oval Mirror
Adam Design Formal Oval Mirror
# mirr94967
Traditional Black and Gold Mirror
Mirror with Black and Gold Frame
# mirr98208
Gold Wall Mirror
Wall Mirror with Fret Design
# mirr98414
Gilded Mirror
Black and Gold Traditional Mirror
# mirr98542
Federal Style Mirror
Black and Gold Federal Style Mirror
# mirr93472
Elegant Oval Mirror
Gilt Oval Mirror with Fine Gold Wire-work
# mirr93381
Formal Giltwood Ribbon Mirror
Giltwood Mirror with Gold Ribbons and Drapery
# mirr98406
Multi-pane Mirror
Classic Multi-Paned Gilt Mirror
# mirr92996
Historic Chippendale Mirror
Historic Reproduction Chippendale Mirror
# mirr94409
Bullseye Mirror
Convex Bullseye Mirror with American Eagle
# mirr98774
Gilt Oval Adam Design Mirror
Adam Design Gilded Oval Mirror
# mirr98556
Formal Adam Period Oval Mirror
Delicate Adam Style Oval Mirror
# mirr93555
Gold and Silver Mirror
Elegant Silver and Gold Round Mirror
# mirr93055
Arched Mirror
Arched Top Traditional Mirror
# mirr93328
Empire Mirror with Pediment
Empire Mirror
# mirr93457
Girandole Sconce, Left
Mirrored Eagle Sconce, Left
# scon94059-1
Girandole Sconce, Right
Mirrored Eagle Sconce, Right
# scon94059-2
Federal Convex Girandole Mirror
Federal Convex Girandole Mirror
# mirr93519
Adam Style Oval Mirror
Formal Gold Mirror with Fine Gold Work
# mirr94491
Black & Gold Mirror
Black and Gold Simple Round Wall Mirror
# mirr93030
18th Century Style Mirror
Classic 18th Century Design Mirror
# mirr93483
Ornate Giltwood Mirror
Ornate Gold Frame Formal Mirror
# mirr93512
Empire Mirror
Empire Style Mirror in Classic Gold and Black
# mirr98160
Formal Giltwood Mirror
Elegant Gilt Formal Wall Mirror
# mirr93206
Federal Style Convex Mirror
Classic Federal Style Mirror with Eagle
# mirr93552
Georgian Mirror
Georgian Style Mirror in Mahogany and Gold
# mirr94648
Black & Gold Neoclassical Mirror
Black and Gold Neoclassical Mirror
# mirr95400
Early American Mirror
Architectural Wall Mirror
# mirr93885
Bordered Mirror
Double Bordered Gold Mirror
# mirr94810
Oriental Queen Anne Mirror
Hand Painted Chinoiserie Mirror
# mirr93692
Adam Style Mirror
Adam Style Mirror with Gold Leaf Vines
# mirr94604
Traditional Chinoiserie Mirror
Traditional Hand Painted Oriental Mirror
# mirr93610
Oriental Mirror
Chinoiserie Mirror with Fine Hand Painted Lacquer
# mirr94410
Oriental Style Mirror
Handpainted Oriental Mirror
# mirr95775
Bullseye Mirror with Eagle
Convex Federal Mirror with American Eagle
# mirr93813
Delicate Formal Gold Mirror
Formal Mirror with Delicate Ornaments
# mirr98757
Queen Anne Mirror
Antique Gold Queen Anne Mirror
# mirr93738
Louis XVI Mirror
Ornate French Style Mirror
# mirr93893
French Neoclassical Mirror
Giltwood Neoclassical Style Mirror
# mirr93407
Oval Mirror with Double Border
Gold Double Border Oval Mirror
# mirr94589
Sunburst Mirror
Sunburst Convex Mirror
# mirr93181
Chippendale Style Mirror
Mahogany and Gold Mirror with Eagle
# mirr95168
Square Formal Mirror
Gold Mirror with Formal Architectural Details
# mirr94160
Formal Oval Mirror
Formal Oval Mirror with Scrolled Flower Frame
# mirr98842
Mirror with Border
Double Framed Gold Formal Mirror
# mirr93539
Adam Period Mirror
Adam Period Design Mirror
# mirr93241
Neoclassical Gilt Mirror
Elegant Neoclassical Gilt Mirror
# mirr93251
Wide Oval Mirror
Wide Gilt Oval Mirror
# mirr92906
18th Century Round Mirror
18th Century Design Convex Mirror
# mirr93196
Traditional Gold Mirror
Traditional Horizontal Gold Mirror
# mirr93412
Formal Mirror with Eagle
Formal Mirror with Eagle Decoration
# mirr95591
Formal Double Border Mirror
Formal Mirror with Ornate Gold Decoration
# mirr94371
Gold Ribbon Mirror
Gold Ribbon Traditional Mirror
# mirr98399
George III Mirror
Classic English George III Giltwood Mirror
# mirr93244
Federal Eagle Pier Mirror
Pier Mirror with Poised Eagle
# mirr94158
Hand-painted Trumeau Mirror
Hand-painted sailing ship
# mirr003
Giltwood Girandole Mirror
Classic 18th Century Girandole with Eagle
# mirr94220
Trumeau Mirror
Black and Gold Trumeau Mirror
# mirr93853
Gilded French Mirror
Formal Mirror with Gold Embellishment
# mirr98259
Formal Paneled Mirror
Double Border Formal Mirror
# mirr93600
Elegant Shield Mirror
Shield Shaped Gold Mirror
# mirr98780
Formal Mirror with Filigree
Wall Mirror with Delicate Gold Work
# mirr98949
Round Regency Mirror
Regency Style Mirror
# mirr93195
Oval Mirror with Border
Gold Oval Mirror with Double Border
# mirr94840
Porthole Mirror
Convex Porthole Mirror
# mirr92419
Mirror with Double Gold Border
Bordered Formal Wall Mirror
# mirr93056
Formal Gold Mirror
Formal Curved Mirror
# mirr98299
Neoclassic Mirror
Black and Gold Neoclassical Mirror
# mirr93048
Regency Mirror
Classic Regency Style Black and Gold Mirror
# mirr93488
Oval Mirror
Double Border Oval Mirror
# mirr93613
Black & Gold Classical Mirror
Black and Gold Classical Mirror
# mirr93447
Black Lacquer Oriental Mirror
Classic Black Lacquer Hand Painted Oriental Mirror
# mirr93466
Girandole Eagle Mirror
Convex Bullseye Girandole Mirror
# mirr97060
Federal Girandole Mirror
Girandole Mirror with American Eagle
# mirr94531
Black & Gold Oval Mirror
Classic Black and Gold Oval Mirror
# mirr93547
Classic Gold Mirror
Classic Gold Mirror
# mirr98291
Classic Empire Mirror
Classic Black and Gold Empire Mirror
# mirr98180
Formal Border Mirror
Double Border Formal Mirror
# mirr93550
Ornate Gilt Mirror
French Style Ornate Gilt Mirror
# mirr93432
Architectural Mirror
Gold Classic Architectural Mirror
# mirr94234
Classical Mirror
Black and Gold Classical Mirror
# mirr93269
Georgian Chippendale Mirror
Chippendale Mirror in Mahogany and Gold
# mirr94458
French Empire Mirror
Black and Gold French Empire Wall Mirror
# mirr98102
Neoclassical Mirror
Double Border Neoclassical Gilt Mirror
# mirr93203
Convex Federal Mirror
Federal Convex Mirror
18th Century Mirror Design with Eagle
# mirr93243
Girandole Mirror
Classic Gold Convex Mirror
# mirr94538
Window Pane Oval Mirror
Formal Adam Style Window Pane Oval Mirror
# mirr93434
Oval Adam Style Mirror
Classic Adam Style Gold Oval Mirror
# mirr94537
Delicate Oval Mirror
Graceful Gold Oval Mirror
# mirr93524
Gilt Fanlight Window Mirror
Arched Fanlight Window Mirror
# mirr93280
Chippendale Mirror
Traditional Mirror in Mahogany and Gold
# mirr92827
Oval Adam Design Mirror
Elegant 18th Century Adam Design Oval Mirror
# mirr89002
Mahogany and Gold Pier Mirror
Elegant Mahogany and Gold Pier Mirror
# mirr93598
English Mirror
Gold Mirror with Curved Top
# mirr82547
Double Border Mirror
Double Bordered Formal Mirror
# mirr93818
Convex Regency Mirror
Convex Regency Mirror
# mirr93234
Large Adam Style Mirror
Elegant Adam Style Large Gilt Mirror
# mirr93134
Chinoiserie Mirror
Chinoiserie Oriental Mirror
# mirr98129
Oval Window Pane Mirror
Mirror Borders in Gilt Oval Mirror
# mirr93207
Silver Gilt Mirror
Round Wall Mirror with Silver Gilt Frame
# mirr93193
Black and Gold Wall Mirror
Black and Gold Mirror
# mirr93211
Large Classical Mirror
Classical Three Panel Mirror
# mirr92839
Window Pane Mirror
Formal Gold Window Pane Mirror
# mirr93444
Convex Black and Gold Mirror
Black and Gold Mirror with Multiple Convex Mirrors
# mirr93210
Federal Convex Mirror
Adam Style Convex Federal Mirror
# mirr93041
Van Eyck Convex Mirror
Historic Convex Mirror from a Van Eyck Painting
# mirr93192
Fanlight Window Mirror
Arched Fanlight Window Mirror
# mirr93372
Large Overmantle Mirror
Large Gilded Overmantle Mirror
# mirr92946
Convex Federal Mirror
Federal Convex Mirror
18th Century Mirror Design with Eagle
# mirr93243
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