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Custom Made Oriental Rugs

We make museum-quality, custom-made Oriental rugs.

Because our Oriental rugs are entirely handmade and hand knotted, we are able to make completely custom rugs.
See how our Oriental Rugs are made.

We can:

  • Make virtually any Oriental rug as a custom rug. Please see our Historic Oriental Rugs section to see some examples of rugs we can make in any size.
  • Change the size and/or color of any Oriental rug on our site.
  • Make any of our Oriental rugs with a plain, solid-color field, including rare green or yellow fields. (Green is a holy color in Islam and is rarely seen in Oriental rugs. Yellow requires saffron to make yellow dye, which is rare and expensive. Please see our Questions About Oriental Rugs for more information on color and dyes.)
  • Change pile height. Please see our Questions About Oriental Rugs for more information on pile height in Oriental rugs.
  • Remove the prayer arch (known as a mihrab) from any of our prayer rugs or make completely custom prayer rugs.
  • Make custom-sized Oriental rug runners for stairs or hallways, including extra-narrow and/or extra-long runners for unusually sized or historic-home installations.
  • Make a complementary custom Oriental rug runner to match a pre-existing rug, or make a complementary custom Oriental rug to match a pre-existing runner.
  • Create custom Oriental rugs for architects, interior designers, decorators, or hospitality and contract installations.
  • Reproduce customers' own rugs in the same or different size for use in other homes or rental properties, or due to the originals being of high value, excessively worn, or subject to pets, children, sun, or high traffic for example, or for any other reason.
  • Make room-size custom Caucasian rugs. Please see our About Caucasian Rugs and Persian Rugs for an explanation of why this is significant.
  • Make custom-sized, room-size custom Oriental rugs exactly two-feet smaller than a specified room to ensure a standard two-foot perimeter reveal.
  • Make custom rugs other than Caucasian rugs, Persian rugs, or Oriental rugs, such as Arts & Crafts rugs, William Morris rugs, or Stickley-style rugs.
For more information on our custom-made rugs, please contact us.

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