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  Buying an Oriental Rug? What You Really Need to Know.  

In addition to offering museum-quality antique Oriental rugs, we are the exclusive source for new, historically accurate, museum-quality Oriental rugs, including Persian rugs, Caucasian rugs, and Custom Oriental rugs. 

Exclusive source?  What does that mean?

It means with respect to our new rugs no one else deals exclusively in new, entirely handmade Oriental rugs handcrafted with the same methods, materials, designs, techniques, and traditions, and in most cases made in the same locations, by the same descendents, as the originals.  No one else can make this claim.  Why?

Because 99% of all new Oriental rugs today come from Afghanistan, China, Egypt, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, Tibet and a dozen or so other far-off places far removed from where authentic, indigenously produced Oriental rugs were originally made.

Where are our new rugs made?

Our new rugs are made in the Caucasus, Persia, or Turkey, exactly where the originals were made.

Nearly all of our rugs are Caucasian rugs, Northwest Persian rugs, or Turkish rugs.  Why?

Because these are the most valuable of all Oriental rugs.  Square-foot for square-foot, Caucasian rugs, Northwest Persian rugs, and Turkish rugs hold every world auction record for wool, antique Oriental rugs.

Example: Caucasian Star Kazak (world record, Christie's, 2001); Caucasian Eagle Kazak (world record, Freeman's, 2006); Caucasian Kuba Karagashli (world record, Sotheby's, 2004); Northwest Persian Bakhshaish (world record, Sotheby's, 2006); Anatolian / Oushak Lotto carpet (world record, Sotheby's, 2007).

Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Textile Museum, The Louvre, The Hermitage, or The Victoria & Albert Museum, and you'll find Caucasian rugs, Northwest Persian rugs, and Turkish rugs prominently displayed in their collections.

Likewise, glance through any Sotheby's Oriental rug catalog, or stroll the floors of the White House or the Diplomatic Reception rooms, and again the majority of the rugs are Caucasian rugs, Northwest Persian rugs, and Turkish rugs.

Who makes our Oriental rugs?

We do.  Our weavers.  All of whom are adult women who learned the art of weaving from their mothers and their grandmothers.

Our weavers are highly skilled artisans who earn more than their local teachers or policemen.  See how our Oriental rugs are made.

How are our Oriental rugs made?

Entirely by hand, exactly as the originals were made.  (The only machines involved are the airplanes that fly them out.)

We use only pure, hand-spun wool of the highest quality, and pure, all-natural dyes (including all-vegetable dyes and vegetal dyes).  For example, it takes hundreds of pomegranates rinds and onion skins just to make one color for several medium-sized rugs.

And because I grew up with antique rugs, and deal in and collect antique rugs, I know what a new, authentic Oriental rug should look like, feel like, and "be" like.

And all of the above is precisely why I started this business.

I collect and deal in antique Oriental rugs, I grew up in a family that has a world-class collection of antique rugs, and as a young adult when I started shopping for new Oriental rugs, I was disheartened with what I saw was available.

As a result of this experience, I started my own company and began making and importing authentic Oriental rugs -- while continuing to deal in and collect the finest antique rugs I could acquire.

Richard Rothstein

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Richard and weavers on top of our large Serapi.
Richard and weavers sitting on a custom 20 x 22 ft Serapi.

Natural dye materials and wool.
All-natural dye materials and pure, hand-spun wool .

A selection of our hand-spun, hand-dyed wool hanging in the sun to dry.
A selection of our hand-spun, hand-dyed wool hanging in the sun to dry.

Richard Rothstein & Co. Rugs
Our authentic, historically accurate Caucasian rugs, Persian rugs, and Oriental rugs. All exclusively ours.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey showroom of Richard Rothstein & Co.
Our showroom in Mount Laurel, New Jersey .

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