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Bouillotte Lamps, Chandeliers and Tole Lamps

Bouillotte lamps derive their name from an 18th-century French card game named "Bouillotte". As the game progressed and the candles in the lamp burned down it became necessary to lower the shade to shield the player's eyes from the candle flames. Authentic Bouillotte lamps, such as ours, always allow the shade to be raised or lowered. Our Bouillottes are made in France and in Italy using only traditional materials and techniques. This style of lamp is sometimes called a tole lamp.

Bouillotte Lamp Silver Plated
Masterpiece Federal Swan-Arm Bouillotte Lamp
# boui007
Bouillotte Lamp
Swan-Arm Bouillotte Lamp
# boui011
Candlestick Bouillotte Lamp
Federal Candlestick Bouillotte Lamp
# boui014
Bouillotte Chandelier
Kitchen Island / Billiard Light Bouillotte Chandelier
# chan014
Tole Chandelier
Federal Tole Mirrored Chandelier
# j8
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